What are the benefits of owning an electric/plug-in car?


With so many different makes and models on the market, changing your car or buying a new one is a big decision that you want to get right.

Once you have set a budget and decided upon the type of car you are after – big, small, sporty, practical or a family car there are other things to consider such as engine size and fuel type.

Traditionally the latter would involve opting for either a petrol or diesel fuelled vehicle but now, with the emerging popularity of electric and hybrid cars, drivers have a whole range of power options to consider.

With still relatively few EVs on the road compared to petrol and diesel-powered vehicles, is now the time to opt for electric?

Well, to help you draw your own conclusions here is a quick list summarising some of the key benefits of owning an electric vehicle:

  • Cheap to run – compared to the cost of petrol and diesel, electricity is cheap making your car cheap to run too. On a per mile basis it’s significantly cheaper to run a car off electricity than petrol. Longer term, there are also cost benefits with electric cars being easier to maintain – no need for oil changes and other maintenance costs as well as tax and congestion charge savings, and in some cases, free parking and free vehicle charging.
  • Convenient – recharging an electric vehicle is as straightforward as charging your mobile phone. You literally have to plug the vehicle into a standard wall socket or you can have a dedicated charging point fitted. There’s no having to stop at the petrol station every few days and most vehicles will go over 100 miles on one charge. There are also fast charge points at most motorway service stations and electric vehicle charging in towns.
  • Low noise – electric motoring offers a quiet, yet powerful ride with instant power available at all times.
  • Environment – last but not least EVs have a much smaller environmental impact compared to conventional vehicles. So if you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint and leave a clean impression on the world, electric is the way forward.

Electric motoring offers a wealth of benefits. Could you be the next person to use an electric vehicle?

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