How much do electric cars cost?


There’s no doubt about it – you will have to shell out more to purchase an Electric Vehicle (EV) than you would a conventional petrol or diesel vehicle.

But, the good news is – the government currently offer a substantial grant of up to 35% of the value of the vehicle, to a maximum of £4,500 and you will make massive annual savings on your transportation costs.

With the average EV costing from just 2 pence per mile in electricity – you will no longer be forking out £40-£50 every time you visit a petrol station.

In fact, you won’t ever have to visit a petrol station, which is just one of the other added bonuses of going electric.

With more than 50,000 electric vehicles now on UK roads, car manufacturers have responded to the growing demand for EVs which means there is now more choice on the market than ever before.

It means, whatever your budget and whatever your needs, there is something for everyone – from your nippy run around vehicle to the more impressive sporty number.

Most car manufacturers now offer electric models with big brands such as Nissan, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Renault, Volkswagen, Citroen, Peugeot and Tesla amongst others all bringing something different to the market.

But, according to top motoring publication Auto Express the top on sale are:

Tesla Model S – from £55,100
VW e-golf – from £31,680
BMW i3 – from £32,380
Volkswagen e-up! – from £25,280
Nissan Leaf – from £16,680
Kia-Soul EV – from £25,495
Renault Zoe – from £13,995

*Prices correct as at October 2016 and are subject to change
There are of course plenty of others on the market too but these reflect a good cross section across the different price ranges. For more information on electric vehicles that are available today, visit where you can find lots

Once you’ve selected and purchased your preferred EV don’t forget you’ll need the necessary motor insurance and here at Greenways Insurance, regardless of your chosen vehicle, we can arrange a bespoke policy for your needs.

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