Volvo commits to electric vehicles


Volvo is one of the world’s best known car manufactures, known for its safety and Swedish heritage.

The unmistakable vehicles have been a huge hit in the UK with many regularly seen on our roads. Volvo has a long heritage and is known for being one of the most innovating brands in the industry, from developing the 3-point seat belt to reducing emissions and city safety allowing the car to brake automatically to prevent an accident.

The manufacturer has now decided to join with Korean electrics giant LG to further develop their vehicles with self-driving technology and electric cars.

Volvo currently has two Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles in its range – the V60 using a fuel-efficient diesel engine and the new XC90 using a powerful but efficient petrol engine in addition to the electric motor. The new S90 is also set to follow suit with a twin-engine option coming soon.

In addition, Volvo plans to launch an all-electric vehicle by 2019, although details about this model are currently very scarce. However, earlier this year, it was reported that Volvo plan to produce one million electric cars by 2025.

With sales of the XC90 T8 Hybrid engine being popular in the UK alone due to its fuel efficiency, low emissions and immense power, it is certainly a feasible target for Volvo to commit to despite being rather ambitious.

The car maker also plans to offer a greater range of ‘Drive E’ vehicles with just three platforms being used for the whole range, all with electric drive capability, from the V40 (currently the smallest in the range) to the XC90.

Although electric vehicles now starting to become more popular and mainstream, some are still concerned about depreciation, initial cost and the range.

Volvo – a manufacturer at the forefront of innovation, may just have waited for the perfect moment for an all-electric car by taking more time to develop and perfect one – something that has become synonymous with the Swedish brand.

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