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A Plug-in hybrid is simply a petrol or diesel car, with an additional electric motor. The car can be run in a number of modes including ‘all electric’, with most vehicles achieving an electric only range of between 19 and 34 miles. Other driving modes include use of the internal combustion engine (ICE) only, hybrid mode where a combination of the two is used and a ‘charge’ mode where the ICE uses some of the power created to charge the batteries.

With the average commute at 9.32 miles (Telegraph, 2014), most journeys will fall into the category of being able to use no fuel on your daily commute. ONS 2011 census shows 83.1% of commutes are under 12 miles and 64.2% are under 6 miles. This makes the majority of PHEVs entirely suitable for every-day use.

Plug-in hybrid vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, with over 18,000 sold in 2015; a 133% increase from 2014. There are two types of Plug-in Hybrid available. One is like the BMW i3 range extender where the petrol engine is used as a generator. The other, more common set up is where the ICE is used as a conventional car, with an electric motor used in addition to power the car.

Imagine the reduction in pollution if all cars in your town and city had no emissions!

If you’re considering purchasing a plug-in hybrid car, or are looking for an improvement on your existing cover, simply get in touch with Greenways today to discuss a plug-in hybrid vehicle insurance policy.


  • Multiple driving modes – pure electric, pure petrol/diesel, hybrid, or charge.
  • Make use of the electric highway
  • Able to drive up to 34 miles on pure electric – easily enough for most commutes
  • Cheaper company car tax
  • London Congestion Zone exemption
  • Ultra-low emissions

  • Not the range of pure electric
  • Expensive outlay

Example models

  • Audi A3 e-tron, Q7 e-tron
  • BMW i3 range extender, i8
  • Mercedes C class, S class
  • Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
  • Volvo V60, XC90

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