Every Car Insurance policy is different. Often when it comes to comprehensive cover, even if your insurer does include the option for a 14-day replacement vehicle, this will not be applicable if it was stolen or written-off. Would you be able to operate without a car during this period? If your Car Insurance doesn’t include […]

An investigation by Which? has shown that the information provided by price comparison sites contains a number of discrepancies compared to what’s actually detailed in the policy itself. They’ve stated that 60% of the policies brought up by the site had a detail present in the description which differed from the policy documents. This means […]

You’d be forgiven for immediately recalling Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones when you hear the acronym ‘MIB’, but the reality is that it’s the actual MIB, the Motor Insurers’ Bureau, that gets through the dirty work to help keep our roads clean and our claims quick. Whether you have heard of the MIB or […]