Fuel Prices is the biggest worry for fleet managers

According to a new poll conducted by window company Autoglass, 66% of fleet managers said the price of fuel is their biggest worry last year.

Service and maintenance costs followed closely behind at 64%, whilst CO2 emissions came third – which shot up from being in final place in 2014.

Fleet costs on the increase

Given a list of options to rank, the managers polled listed driver satisfaction as least important in 2017, suggesting a shift in priorities from community to cost.

What else will fleet managers have to contend with this year?


Attributed to the changes in company car taxation policies which took effect in April 2017, concerns about tax have unsurprisingly increased. New rules state that employees with the choice of a company car or cash allowance will be taxed not on the option they choose, but on whichever is the greater value (with the exception of ultra-low emission vehicles as an incentive to green transport). In addition, all new cars bought from 1 April 2017 are taxed on a combination of CO2 emissions and list price.

Reducing costs

Budgets were already put under pressure last year, and top-down cost reduction seems set to stay. A fleet manager may have already researched competitive alternatives and found the fleet already has the best available option, said Julie Bromley, from mechanical group Reedy Industries.

Communicating a viable approach to cost control to a senior executive without a specialism in fleet management is another challenge which must be met, she suggested.


Hailed by some as a revolution, telematics in fleet vehicles are praised for providing a robust data stream of routing, driver behaviours and location-based information. Whilst the tech seems here to stay, some vendors and systems have been criticised for providing too much data to process rather than a customised set of data.

However, telematics can provide many useful pieces of data which can help to reduce costs. It can look at average fuel consumption for example, which can then be used to provide better driver training, or better logistics to improve efficiency of driving routes.

What now?

With fuel costs being the greatest worry, why not consider the options of alternative fuelled or electric vehicles. Electric vans and cars are now able to travel a range of 150+ miles on one charge, making them viable options when considering new vehicles for many fleet managers.

Insurance is a also a big cost for fleet managers, who often have a large number of vehicles and fleets to look after. At Greenways, our experienced team has the skills and knowledge to provide the right policy at the best price to provide the protection you require. Whether you have a just two vehicles or a hundred, Greenways can provide for your insurance needs.

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