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Greenways Insurance Consultants has partnered with the Renault Zoe Owners and ZE Club (RZOC) to provide insurance for owners of the Renault Zoe.

RZOC has been around for just under 18 months and is one of the fastest growing, independent car clubs in the UK.

Owners from across the country meet throughout the year at general motor events and Electric Vehicle (EV) events.

Greenways is very happy to support the club and to provide bespoke electric vehicle insurance for the owners of Renault Zoes.

Renault have also announced a new Zoe for delivery in 2017 capable of a 250 mile range with real world range expected to be around 186 miles. Range anxiety is one of the biggest worries for potential owners of electric vehicles. As technology progresses and improves all the time, it is clear to see that electric motoring can be the future, now.

If you, or anybody you know has a Renault Zoe and are interested in joining the club, then please visit When your insurance is due for renewal or if you decide to buy yourself an electric vehicle, call Greenways Insurance Consultants on 01952 822919 to arrange your insurance, or visit our website If you have any questions regarding electric vehicle insurance, we’d be delighted to help.

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